I'm not a snitch... for free.


Price: Nobody in their right mind would cross two lakes and two boroughs to go jogging at six in the morning. Yet I saw the looks on the jury's faces. They bought it.
McCoy: No one wants to condemn a man to prison for life. Any doubt, reasonable or not, gives them a reason to acquit.

Lucas: You think you can stop us but you can't. This is a movement. Revelation is coming.
Cosgrove: I think you mean incarceration.

Say what you want about sticks and stones, but words today can definitely get you killed.


Shaw: I read his website every morning. One of the only unbiased news sources around.
Cosgrove: Man was a legend. Now he's a headline.

Cop: We thought he was a murder suspect.
Shaw: Why? Why the hell did you think that?

Cop: i'm up for detective. You filing a complaint won't help. So I'm asking you to look past my emotional and unfortunate reaction to the situation. Now, we were looking for a killer. Tensions were high...
Shaw: And along came a big, strapping brother, so you figured he'd do.
Cop: That's not what I -
Shaw: You had your guns pointed at me! You wouldn't even give me a chance to show you my badge!
Cop: We thought we were staring down the subject of a murder investigation.
Shaw: No, no, no. You knew you were looking at a Black man, and you assumed you were looking at the subject of a murder investigation. For all you knew, you were looking for a five foot white woman.
Cop: It's always about race.
Shaw: It always is with you isn't it?
Cop: Do what you gotta do, Detective, but if I were you I'd think hard about my next move.
Shaw: You threatening me?
Cop: I'm just saying, this is a brotherhood, a brotherhood based on the Code Blue.

I'm just saying, cops have long memories. But I'm white. These things don't happen to me. I'm saying, if you want to press charges and roll these guys up, I got your back.


Cosgrove: Ugh. Smells like he took a bath in Merlot.
Cop: That bottle over there was probably the murder weapon.

Dixon: The department has made so many changes, but when it comes to this, we're still stuck in 1974. It doesn't matter if you're right -- and I KNOW you are. This will destroy your career.
Shaw: I get it. We're supposed to protect each other, right? All those rah rah speeches about how we're brothers in blue, those were written by white guys. So you can tell that union rep that they're messing with the wrong guy. I'm not gonna be scared.

Matthews: Look, nothing really happened. No one got hurt. So why make a big deal out of this? This sort of thing makes us look bad.
Shaw: Us?
Matthews: Police officers.

Shaw: Doctor?
Cosgrove: What's that Bible saying? He saved others but he couldn't save himself?

Law & Order Season 22 Quotes

Price: The evidence on Ava's phone at least shows that Rublov was involved in the bombing and the murders.
Sam: And was a rapist and a pedophile.
Price: That too.

Andre: I don't know. I was trying to mind my own business.
Stabler: People who mind their own business go to prison.