I tend to get a little intense when it comes to saving Landon.


MG: Okay, fine, into the woods.
Lizzie: That's the spirit, and in that same spirit I have compiled a comprehensive list of all the reasons you might be mad at me in ascending order according to severity.

Aurora: Now, let's work on that wardrobe, shall we?
Ken: Those garments are impractical for battle.
Aurora: Not in the modern world, darling.
Ken: If it pleases you.

Seylah and I can put the romance in necromancy.

The Necromancer

It has and always will be you, Lizzie Saltzman, and I don't even remember anything on that list, any of the bad things you've said or done because I love you with all of my heart and all of my soul.


That's the fate you have to accept, Hope, to be the one who lives.


Alaric: Then why'd you do it?
Ben: Love, I think.
Alaric: Well, then that's the first thing about you that I understand.

Hope: You know me better than anyone so you know that I'm not going to get wet just because Jolly Roger asks me to go for a swim.
Landon: Uh, actually I'm reasonably certain he intends to stab you.
Hope: Well, then let him try, I'll break every bone in his body.

Hope: This is why we can't have nice things.
Landon: Well, in his defense, he just got back from ferrying my mom to peace.
Hope: Then you have some explaining to do.

Seylah: My name is Seylah. This is my operation.
The Necromancer: Well, goodness, they told me you were a legendary coin bandit, but they neglected to mention you were adept at stealing my breath away.

Kaleb: There's no future except for the one that we make for ourselves.
Cleo: I wish I shared your confidence.
Kaleb: So share. There's plenty to go around.

MG: I'll grab you a few more of these.
Hope: Oh, and more clothes. Something a little less...
MG: Terminator Hope?

Legacies Quotes

Alaric: Cheater!
Hope: You should really get a vampire to start doing my training. You're getting a little old for me to break your human bones.
Alaric: How dare you.

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Alaric: Block with your hand.
Hope: I got it.
Alaric: If you had it I wouldn't have to say it.