Klaus: My dearest Hope, my littlest wolf, my miracle child. What a gift to be able to leave you one last message, so please carry it with you in the years to come. I want you to know this: You will make mistakes in your life. That comes with being a Mikaelsson. You will go through hard times, for no one with your power always knows how to use it properly. You will find love and you will lose it, for such is the burden of immortality. But the most important thing about your life is that you live it, because you are my peace. And I regret a lot of things, but I don’t regret a single moment I spent with you. I love you so much. Always and forever.

Hi, welcome home.


Jed: Pack sticks together, right?
Finch: Right.

Just don't be a stranger, okay?


What we have here is a home, a family.


It's time to welcome the next generation of students. Hope, do you want to do the honors?


Aurora was a badass bitch. Our relationship was complicated, but she taught me that complicated doesn’t mean broken.


Aurora: You were right about me. loved your father as much as I hated him. His spirit, his indomitable will. I wanted him to change for me, but I wasn’t enough. You were. He changed for you. And I saw in you everything I couldn’t have. I’m sorry.
Hope: I’m sorry too. For what he’s done to you, and for not seeing this side of you sooner.
Aurora: You have the very best parts of him in you. Finish this, and never forget who you are.

I am my father’s daughter. But there was another side to my father, one that you never saw. One that was decent, kind and loving. He knew he couldn’t make up for his past sins, but he still tried. He didn’t want pain and suffering to be all he left behind.


I have been under your father’s sway for centuries, desperate for even the smallest expression of love, only to be reminded time and time again of his cruelty, I’ve been caught in a cycle from which there is no escape, until now. The last vestige of Klaus Mikaelson, wiped from the world forever!


You can be mad at me later. Right now, you have to go kick that god’s ass. And I know you will, because you’re awesome. I knew it the minute I first saw you.


All you’ve ever done is protect me. Just once, I was supposed to be protecting you.


Legacies Quotes

Alaric: Cheater!
Hope: You should really get a vampire to start doing my training. You're getting a little old for me to break your human bones.
Alaric: How dare you.

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Alaric: Block with your hand.
Hope: I got it.
Alaric: If you had it I wouldn't have to say it.