Riggs has demons he hasn't been able to slay yet, but I don't believe he's a danger to others. We're better off with him out there.


Cahill: You like it up there — inches from death, so close to the edge. You’re so angry. One day it will kill you, and I won’t know why.
Riggs: It’s like the anger’s always been there. I mean, not when I was a kid, you know. Certainly, after my mom passed. It’s like a, like a fire, you know. Sometimes I get so hot, I just want to jump outside of myself, you know.

Cahill: Where are they going?
Murtaugh: The crazy ones? They always climb.

That guy was broken long before he got to me.


It's not even noon, Riggs, and I'm staring into the abyss.


Maybe he's training to be a Navy Seal...or a real seal.