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Parker: So, you're really going?
Sophie: How does that make you feel?
Parker: I think I'm ok with it. Yeah, I'm ok with it.
Nate: That's why we can go.

[to Hardison] You're the smartest man I know. Don't get cocky.


Nate: Elliot, I'd say, call if you need anything, but you never, never need anything.
Elliot: Yea I did. Thanks to you, I don't have to search anymore.

Sophie: Promise me, you'll keep them safe.
Elliot: Till my dying day.

You know this was your crusade. Now this is our war.


Nate: So, the hard drive. Everything thing you need is right there.
Hardison: You know what. I'm going to dump this on the dark net.
Parker: Every crew from around the world will want in with us.
Hardison: Just think about it. Leverage International.

Nate: Will you marry me Laura?
Sophie: Yes. Yes.

Nate: You've always had my back. Now will you be on my side?
Sophie: Did you steal it? Oh, cuz that would be more romantic, right Parker?

Nate: For 5 years I've been, I've been....
Hardison: Drunk.
Parker: Lying.
Elliot: Dishonest bastard.

Nate: We're out. Done.
Sophie: We?
Nate: Well that depends on what, on what you say next of course.

Hardison: There it is man. The Holy Grail.
Parker: A thousand bad guys.
Elliot: A lot of revenge in there. Just waiting on a righteous man to take a swing.
Nate: That man's not going to be me.

Leverage Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Sterling: What you were doing, back in the room, where did you learn to act like that?
Nate: Sophie. She really helped me. She's directing now. She found her calling.

I've seen Sophie Devereaux play a dozen people.... drunk.