Eliot: Why are you sending second rate thugs to try and kill me?
Thug: Hmmmm? (looks sad).
Eliot: If I am not honest with you, you will never improve.
Thug: mmm hmmm (nod).

Parker: I nailed it, I'm a grifter. I grift.
Nate: You do know you don't get to keep the money.
Parker: Don't ruin it.

Eliot: I think I found the bomb.
Hardison: What does it look like? Red wires, blue wires?
Eliot: (clicks button on bomb) BOOOOOM!
Hardison: (jumps) Your not funny man.

Eliot: That will give us enough time to find the bomb.
Hardison: Oh yea, plenty of time. Meanwhile I will be here, in the van, as far away from the mine as possible, my dude, go with god.

Sophie: What are we going to do Nate?
Nate: We are going to convince him that you are a lying greedy bitch.

Nate: Fine dad, let's end it right here (cocks gun).
Jimmy: You can't do it, you are your mother's son.
Nate: Sigh... Go.

Jimmy: You're more ruthless than me, crueler than me. Maybe you are better than me. I'm proud of you son.
Nate: Enjoy your retirement.

Age of the geek baby, stay strong.


You better say something, I swear on my momma I will blow a hole through your bedroom and spiderman out of the side of this building.


Eliot: You don't throw crowbars at people.
Parker: You don't throw crowbars at people... Bah, I could have just tazed him.

Eliot: I got hit by a car!

Parker: (mocking) "I got hit by a car" ... Get over it!

We have to convince them that they need us. It will be tough, and they might shoot you a little.


Leverage Season 3 Quotes

Hardison: See, I like this. I like it when we pretend to kiss.
Parker: Prented??
Hardison [grins]: Heeeeey.

Nate: Guys, I committed a crime, I got caught and now I am going to server my time.
Sophie: Nate, what kind of world would it be if everyone who committed a silly little crime went to jail? Complete madness!