I have plans, oh so many plans.


Guard: You know I have gun.
Eliot: It's what makes it fair.

Archie: No reason you should care, but I approve your young man very much.
Parker: I do care.
Archie: How does that feel?
Parker: Weird, but I think I'm getting used to it.

Quinn: Next time give me the gun, I'm your huckleberry.
Eliot: Here [hands gun]
Quinn: A little late now.
Eliot: I love that movie.
Quinn: Who the hell doesn't.

You pull that trigger, two men die, the man you kill and the man you use to be.


Eliot: You don't know how this is going to change you.
Nate: You handled it.
Eliot: That guy - kid, had God in heart and a flag on his shoulder, clean hands, I haven't seen him in 10 years.

Latimer: Your father was a penny ante thief, and all the jobs you do won't change the fact you're from the same stock.
Nate: Remember that.

Chaos: I want my usual fee, plus expenses and Parker dresses up as Starbuck on Battlestar Galactica
Hardison: Not happening.

Nate: Do you remember when I said to you, that the next time we met I wouldn't be so nice?
Victor: Yeah.
Nate: Well, welcome to the next time.

Nate, someone's messing with your game.


Oh, I get it, these guys are hourly and you work on commission. If you hadn't been so greedy, you would have another guy here and this would have turned out differently for you. (knocks guy out) You need to learn to share.


Nate: Where did Hardison go?
Parker: He's looking for the government's top secret vault (whisper) where they keep the time machine.

Leverage Season 4 Quotes

Pay enough they will carry you to the top, literally.


Nate: Ok, let's go steal a mountain.
Parker: Again.
Nate: What?
Parker: Yeah, we stole a mountain two years ago.