Baze: To moving on.
Cate: To moving on.

(to Lux) I'm not Jones. I'm always going to be there.


Cate: All I really wanted was to be better than my mom was.
Louise: Maybe that's all she ever wanted for you too.

You didn't want Lux as much as I didn't want you when I was pregnant.

Cate's mom

Jones: This is fun, hanging out with you.
Tasha: Well, I'm no Lux.
Jones: Tasha, I came to the concert because you asked me.

I cannot be married to you if I can't trust you.


Does the truth ever occur to you - ever?


(to Lux) I get what you're doing, even though you don't.


(to Baze) Concert jail, you got us thrown in concert jail!


Our mistake was asking permission. We don't ask. We take.


Louise: What about you?
Cate: We're trying.
Louise: That's the fun part, right?

(to Jones) Little dude, you better keep your hands to yourself.


Life Unexpected Season 2 Episode 5 Quotes

Tasha: Is this edible underwear?
Cate: Bye.

I can get used to this trying for a baby thing. Want to try again?