Death Row, you are a warrior. Everyone knows that.


Johnny: You don't get it, Theresa.
Theresa: Enlighten me.
Johnny: No, never mind. It's a family thing.
Theresa: Excuse me?
Johnny: I didn't mean it in the bad way.

You want to see how a real working boxer lives? How much that championship I took off you has been worth to me? 11,300 square feet, partner. Look around.


I hate boxers.


You knew I was on to you, didn't you, and that is why you wanted me out of the picture from day one. You were afraid I was going to steal your golden goose. You will not stop until you bleed your brother dry. You are garbage, Johnny. Garbage!


I thought everything would be simpler once I decided to fight again, but on the one hand, Ed's a genius. I'm in the best shape of my life. But on the other hand, my brother, my dad, I've never gone into a fight without them in my corner.


What are you so afraid of?


Patrick: Could I get two more, Tommy? Extra Cheese? Don't tell Ed.
Johnny: Oh sure, I won't tell Ed... the next time I never see him. How's about that?

Patrick: Thanks for waiting outside.
Johnny: Right. Wouldn't want to upset Othello.

Is your brother a boxer or a vampire?


To make a fighter truly strong, I have to see him at his weakest point first.


Pops: This place is depressing.
Margaret: Now you figure that out?

Lights Out Quotes

Patrick: I don't like your tone.
Man: What are you gonna do? Beat me up?

Please, Patrick, I love you too much to watch you die. Either you stop or we stop.