Ed: Most trainers, they don't allow their fighters to fool around before a fight, but I think a relaxed fighter is an effective fighter. Don't you agree?
Patrick: Uh, yeah.
Ed: So in terms of the old marital bed, you just keep doing what you're doing. Follow your bliss.
Patrick: Right now?
Ed: Drink your tea first.

Theresa: I feel like she just wants to meet some rich guy and get married.
Patrick: Is that so bad, if she's happy?
Theresa: Yes, it is. She should aspire to more. She used to want to be a doctor, remember?
Patrick: She also wanted to be a racecar driver and a Muppet.

Damn, Lights. Your girls are tough.


And they call me a diva.


I don't think you're capable of fighting at this level anymore. Now, I know it hurts to hear that, but it's going to hurt a hell of a lot worse in the ring.


No fear. Eye on the prize.


I just like to punch people.


When mom? When will it be a good time? I'm not a baby anymore.


A century from now you think people are gonna be talking about Barry K. Word? They're going to be talking about us. Louis/Schmeling, Frazier/Ali, Reynolds/Leary. Barry Word's a footnote. We make history.


Daniela: That's what we do. Just look the other way.
Theresa: That's not true.
Daniela: Really, mom? We're broke. You and dad are separated. We all know it, but nobody talks about it.

You're actually cool now. We could be bigger than those Cassidy sluts.


Johnny: You think you haven't been fighting? This whole year all you've done is fight: Barry Word, the IRS, me, Dad, Theresa. C'mon, it's been a shit show. But the thing is, the closer you get to the ring, all this other crap is gonna fade away. Cause you're going home. It's where you belong.

Lights Out Quotes

Patrick: I don't like your tone.
Man: What are you gonna do? Beat me up?

Please, Patrick, I love you too much to watch you die. Either you stop or we stop.