... and on an empty stomach


Joe: That was fun.
Victory: Were we at the same party?

Wendy: Hey when do I get to hear what you're working on?
Shane: Off the clock. How often do we get the chance to dance without being mocked by a fifteen year old?

I get it, I offend 60 people in one time zone before I'm awake in another people like us are easy target ... if need be, we'll tap into a slush fund we have set up for this sort of thing


You got nothing to be ashamed, you're here to dress a movie star, she's here to find something to cover arm fat.


Who do we plan on using if Prince Will defects? Queen Latifah?


Nico: Editor-in-Chief of Bonfire magazine
Lou: They give those job to women?
Nico: When we keep our crying, and baking, and having babies in check

Wendy: I really think you should eat, you look weak
Victory: I want a margarita

I get it. The bill won't pass until I'm officially stamped by the house and the senate.


Kirby: This really isn't your scene.
Nico: No, I want to stay. I don't know what my scene is anymore.

Wendy [about Nico]: And I always thought she screwed her way to the top
Victory: Yeah that's definitely the story I've heard

You are not a loser. You are an extraordinary person. You are funny. You are scary smart and intense and gorgeous and larger than life. You deserve to be loved because of those things not in spite of them.


Lipstick Jungle Quotes

Wow this is something. You could play contact sports in this living room. Don't tell me you already have

Tina [entering Nico's apartment]

Don't looked so shocked Janice. I had to come here that's friends do for each other. You'd know if you had any.