Do you think I wanted a daughter like you? I never wanted you in the first place.


You’re my mother. You’re always my mother. No matter what.


Sometimes you have to scorch everything to start over.


There’s no pain like the loss of a child.


When she’s afraid, she reaches for me. She didn’t come from my body, and I’m sad about that. But that doesn’t make me any less of a mother.


No mother would want to be judged by the choice she made in her hardest, most desperate moment.


Bill: Linda is not going to lose her baby.
Elena: Why do you say that?
Bill: Because people like Bebe Chow don't win.

I think hard work and sacrifice is a hardship as well.


I called you because I needed a friend, not someone to take advantage of me in a hard moment.


You say you want to create something that will change the world. What if it's her?


That's the point of what we're doing here. Either put something into the world, or use what you have to show me what is terrifying, repulsive, and uncanny about you.


I just wonder if you ever look back at your life and have regrets. Because I do. I have some regrets.


Little Fires Everywhere Quotes

Elena: It’s not Wednesday or Saturday.
Bill: You know we are allowed to have sex on other days
Elena: But it’s so much more fun when you plan it.

Elena: She’s very attractive. African American
Isabelle: What does that matter?