Zeus: I've never seen a Valkyrie cry.
Tamsin: It's cause it's against type. No emotions on a battlefield.

Look, Lauren, I entered the game, I lost. That's life. The best woman won. I'm over it. You should be too.


Zeus: The Amethusto dagger. Interesting choice. Said to keep its owner sober of evil thoughts. Are you sure?
Bo: Rusty dagger. Final answer.

Look I'll play superhero with you tonight. But there's no way I'm not having fun while I do it.


Evony: Power outage means you know what is on the loose.
Vex: Has he killed the Monopoly Man?
Evony: Hubby and his monocle are safe. I had it stored at my clinic.

Bo: Please tell me this thing is about to unleash a lifetime supply of fro-yo.
Lauren: Try one of the oldest and most dangerous Fae to ever walk the Earth.

Mesmer me shocked, you have a crush on Teen Wolf.


If Zeus and his ancient bunch are wreaking havoc in our colony's skies, why am I stuck here in Cheers with you lot? I feel like I've picked the worst lane in the shittiest traffic of all time.


Tamsin: Who better than a Valkyrie to protect the players on the field?
Bo: You don't think the guys are gonna notice a girl in the huddle?
Tamsin: A little doubt goes a long way. Plus, I'm not really a sidelines kind of girl.

Tamsin: Ugh, I can smell their insecurity from here.
Bo: I think it's Eau de Taylor Swift.

Bust out your pom poms, Tam Tam, because it's time to flirt some intel out of a bunch of horny linebackers.


Football Player: You're a tall glass of water, aren't ya? I could just drink you up.
Tamsin: Try Gatorade, asshole.