You left me, Bo. What if you go again? I was alone. I belong nowhere.


I kissed Dyson.


Once upon a time we never found the right time. The end.


Aww. Spy-banged.


And my hair brush. You can keep. 'Cause that's not creepy at all.


Kenz, since when do you fly solo? I'm back. We're back. Baby got back together like.


Dyson: If you want to unwind later we could....
Bo: Go shopping.
Dyson: Go shopping. Yeah.
Bo: If you're good, you can go in all the stores.
Dyson: If you're good I'll max out your credit cards ... twice.

Dyson: Ready to go home?
Bo: Hells yes.

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The Druid: What are you going now?
The Morrigan: With Bo gone ... everything?

Can you not look at my dad like he's made of hot dogs?


Crystal: I just need some sugar.
Lauren: I can't.

Bo: You are more alive than anyone that I have ever met.
Tamsin: You're not like anyone I have ever met.