Hippolyta: Being here has shined the light on that old dead feeling.
Josephine: They don't call it the City of Lights for nothing.

Stop your gawking and do the moves!

Dancer [to Hippolyta]

Alien: Name yourself.
Hippolyta: What the fuck are you talking about?

Leti: [Atticus] is a big help around the house.
Ruby: That house needs as much help as possible.

Leti: So where have you been staying?
Ruby: How many days after I moved out did you start to care?

Tic: So it is true. You are a faggot.
Montrose: I'm still your goddamn daddy. And you will respect me.

Ruby: I want to know everything right now. No more secrets, no more half-truths, Every fucking thing.
Christina: The whole truth involves lost pages from The Book of Names and your family.

Ruby: So this has been about revenge for your dead lover?
Christina: Yes, I want revenge for William. But I want so many other things too.

We have both done monstrous things but that does not make us monsters. We can both be the people we see in each other. We just have to choose to be.

Ji-Ah [to Atticus]

Ji-Ah, I've done some horrible things, things I've tried to forget. When I'm with you, that seems possible. Cause you see the good in me, I know it's there.

Atticus [to Ji-Ah]

Ji-Ah: We have to stop letting our fears shape us.
Atticus: That's good advice.

Atticus: You read this?
Ji-Ah: An interesting premise, told poorly.

Lovecraft Country Quotes

Tree: Hey, you know why they call me "Tree," right? Most men got two legs but I got tree.
Leti: Shouldn't I already know that since we fucked in high school, Seymour?

I wanted you to know that a nigger bitch did this to you.

Ruby [to Paul]