Leti: Do you need a moment?
Tic: I need a lifetime.

Ruby: Are you worried your spell won't work.
Christina: If my spell doesn't work, I killed the last of my family for nothing.

You were the one who reminded me we have a choice. We can be monsters or heroes.

Tic [to Ji-Ah]

That was supposed to be the easy part.

Leti [to Tic]

This book belongs to our family and together we're going to use it to protect our family.

Tic [to Montrose]

Tic: I don't want to die, Momma.
Dora: I know, baby. But if we ain't walking toward an altar to sacrifice ourselves for something important, what is our purpose?

You gonna save them all.

Hanna [to Tic]

The answer is in your blood.

Hanna [to Tic]

I got you, kid.

Tic [to Young Montrose]

Montrose: It was George' corsage. I deserved this.
Leti: Don't nobody deserve this.

Whatever's going on between you all, leave it here, right here. This is our only chance to save Dee.


When I used to imagine myself being white, I always imagined myself as a redhead.

Ruby [to Christina]

Lovecraft Country Quotes

Get yo' ass up! We gotta get the fuck outta here now!


Ruby: Y'all are going to have to bear with us. We haven't sang together since our church days.
Letitia: I'm sure it's no secret that those days are long gone.