I'm not your momma or your sister. And if you can't see the difference ...

Christina [to Ruby]

It looks like the cop with nine lives' luck has finally run out.


Leti: We can't risk Dee's life fucking around with more magic.
Tic: She's right. We need someone who fucking knows what she's doing.

You know, son, I always thought my death would come at the end of a white man's bullet or a rope. Magic is so much more jazz.

Montrose [to Tic]

Christina: I didn't figure you as a woman of faith.
Leti: I wasn't. But I died and was resurrected.
Christina: That wasn't a miracle. It was magic.

You took that potion because you wanted to hide from the fact that even on today of all days you were a woman who wanted what she wanted.

Christina [to Ruby]

We're surrounded by monsters, Leti. I don't have a choice.

Tic [to Leti]

Tic: I thought I was protecting everyone.
Leti: Well, you done fucked up because everybody but you done died since you been back.

Tic [to Ji-Ah]: Ji-Ah, if you don't have any fucking answers, why are you here?
Leti: Because she loved you.

Tic: And you killed 100 men.
Ji-Ah: It's my nature. What is your excuse?

I can't remember the last time someone made me wait. But at least I had family to keep me company.

Christina [to Tic]

Leti: Are you looking for a room?
Ji-Ah: I am looking for Atticus.

Lovecraft Country Quotes

Ruby: Y'all are going to have to bear with us. We haven't sang together since our church days.
Letitia: I'm sure it's no secret that those days are long gone.

Passenger: We're just going over another bridge named after a dead slave owner. We finally made it to the promised land.
Atticus: Good riddance to old Jim Crow.