Chloe: I think that I’ve been avoiding dealing with the fact that Lucifer isn’t coming back.
Maze: Or, you figured out that you don’t need him. We don’t need him, or anyone. Chloe, you and I… we’re good.

Lee: Are you sure this is my hell?
Lucifer: Well who else’s would it be?
Lee: I don’t know, but I’m thinking that you’re just here torturing yourself.

Lucifer Season 5 Episode 1 Quotes

I mean, at least you guys got to say goodbye. Me? Ghosted completely.


Chloe: Maze, just because you happen to have slept with that one murder victim a few weeks ago doesn’t mean that you slept with them all.
Maze: How am I supposed to keep up?
Chloe: With the murder victims or the people you’ve slept with?
Maze: Either.
Ella: Wow. Maze is really settling into her role as your new Lucifer.