Trust me, Detective. No one is a worse neighbor than the devil.

Cain: Lucifer! What? Are you building something?
Lucifer: Yes, our reputation as the most annoying neighbors on the block.
Cain: It's 4 am. Maybe we can finish this in the morning.
Lucifer: We? You're barely involved. I thought this was supposed to be about you and I spending time together.
Cain: No, no, no. This is about catching a killer.
Lucifer: We just need to open up to each other.
Cain: That won't solve anything!
Lucifer: We have my Achilles heel. We just need to find yours.

Lucifer: I suppose there's some cold comfort to them being arrested together. At least they've got each other.
Cain: Yeah, they do.

Well, you may have crossed paths with God, but you certainly never made a deal with the devil now, did you?

Lucifer: You can't just walk out on me. I'll tell everyone who you are!
Pierce: Go ahead. They don't even believe you're the devil.

Cain: What if I lose?
Lucifer: Well, hopefully, you die.

Charlotte: You are not being your excessively cheery self today. What gives? Fine. Don't tell me.
Ella: Pierce yelled at me yesterday. He said that I talked to much. So I'm trying to talk less.
Charlotte: If I fell apart every time a man told me he didn't like what I was doing, I'd be in a million pieces right now. But instead, I broke through, rose through the ranks, built my own firm and here I am! In this entry level DA job.
Ella: But he's like a hero of mine.
Charlotte: You need to get a thicker skin, stand up for yourself because the truth is, nobody's going to do it for you.

Cain: Thanks for the drink.
Lucifer: I figure it's the least I could do, after all, I am the reason you're leaking all over my floor.

Killer slash necklace thief alert.

See? You're just as bad as me, brother. Pride is your sin, too.

I'm a demon, and I've risen from the bowels of hell to torture you.


Oh my Gosh. That's her, in the flesh. That's Misty Canyons! Ha! There's Venus de Milo! What is this? Nirvana? Do all porn stars reside in LA?

Lucifer Quotes

I'm like walking heroin...very habit forming. It never ends well.


I thought you were different, but I was wrong. You're just like all the others.