The Detective isn't here, which means I'm invulnerable and you're not, so sit. Down. Or I'll make you.

Dan: Is it weird?
Lucifer: Very. But it's good to see you're back to your old douchy ways, Daniel.

Cain: I have a new plan. Well, same plan, new victim.
Maze: Who's the sacrificial lamb?
Cain: God's favorite son.

Thank you for solving this case, and I might have an idea how to solve yours.


Lucifer: Right now, I can't show you, so I'm just going to have to tell you. Detective, Chloe, I am the Devil.
Chloe: No, you're not. Not to me. [she kisses him]

Chloe: Is that someone playing piano?
Ella: I think so.
Chloe: At a crime scene?

Amenadiel: Why did you do that? Why did you jump in front of me like that?
Charlotte: Wasn't for myself. Was redemption. Will you, will you stay with me?
Amenadiel: Yes, yes. I promise. [Amenadiel has his wings back] Let's go home.

Dan: But I never told you what I want. I want you. All in. The whole deal. So there.
Charlotte: OK.
Dan: Really?

Cain: So you're not mad I got rid of my mark?
Amenadiel: I feel a certain kinship, actually. This is like the first official meeting of the immortals turned mortal club.

Linda: Did you guys find the booze?
Ella: Exactly! We should be nipple deep in Jaeger by now and playing pin the tail on Ryan Gosling!

Not peony, PENIS! Peeeni...yeah, I'll hold.


Look, we solve murders! How hard can it be to plan one little wedding?


Lucifer Quotes

Dan: Where'd you learn to pick a lock like that?
Ella: My grandma.

Lucifer: What if I want to press charges?
Dan: For what?
Lucifer: Stupidity.