You know that LGBTQ-friendly NGO, Rainbow Georgia, that you worked with? One of their employees gave us up. Why? He hates Kurds. You see, being righteous in one area doesn't mean that you are righteous in all areas.


Woah, dude. You're acting like I'm using trivia to fill some void or distract myself from feeling a little stalled out lately because my love life is nonexistent and sometimes the loneliness in my apartment feels like a prison.


Will: I get it. You can't talk to your parents about everything, and it's embarrassing to buy them yourself. [slaps a ziploc of condoms on the table]
Jason: No, no, no, no, that's...
Will: No, it's okay, I got 'em from the clinic. Should see you through the month. There's a big jump in STDs in your age group. Syphilis is back!

Kat: Okay, human traffickers?
Jay: You're kidding.
Kat: Yeah, of course I'm kidding. They're the most evil monsters belched from Hell the earth has ever known. Although...
Jay: Stop. We may not have any legal options, but we're not going straight up immoral.

Kat: Oh, I like that. 'Different.' Yeah, I...yeah. Yeah, I had long hair, and, uh, wore dresses and heels and makeup, and, um, sometimes it felt like me. And felt like a costume I had to wear to survive, and gain access.
Jay: So what made you...this you?
Kat: I survived and gained access.

I'm bisexual. Uh, you can also say pansexual or, uh, fluid or non-monosexual, but uh... . Yeah, I'm queer.


Elizabeth [about Jason]: He's just a teenager, and we are a little less now. It's nature's way of making him leave the house when he graduates.
Henry: Yeah. That didn't work out so well with the other two.

Matt [about the trivia study packet]: Did you look it over?
Blake: You know what? I actually did. It's so cool.
Matt: Way to go teamie!
Blake: I'm lying, you idiot. We're trying to save refugees from a homophobic, murderous dictator!
Matt: Okay, yeah, yeah, work.

Matt: I know you think you got this team trivia stuff, but I promise you, you don't got this.
Blake: Ivy League over-achievers who have been obnoxiously dominating dinner conversations since they were four years old? Please. I went to class with them. I avoided joining clubs with them. I'm probably unwilling to admit that I actually am one of them. Believe me, I got this.

Matt: Oh come on! Don't you want to put your powers of pop culture and theatre to better use than just making references that fly over the Secretary's head?
Blake: You're right, they kinda do.

Blake: Stop. Captain Ronnie Baker, from CYBERCOM?
Matt: Okay, to be clear, she is not the captain of The Bill of Right Answers. That would be me.

Henry: They want to give me a commendation for some reason.
Elizabeth: Like, because you deserve it?
Henry: Yeah, or they know I was driven to quit by political BS. They didn't back me up, and now they want to make themselves feel better.
Elizabeth: Yeah, no. The CIA doesn't really do regret.

Madam Secretary Season 4 Episode 14 Quotes

Henry: Shouldn't you be packing for this conference thing?
Elizabeth: No, come on. It's more fun just hanging out with you, drinking wine, and complaining.

Henry: No gays in Abkhazia?
Elizabeth: It's sick. The guy could have passed a polygraph, his hate was that true. [pours wine] You know what I hate?
Henry: His hair.
Elizabeth: His hair!