T.C.: I smell a favor coming on.
Magnum: What? Am I that predictable? Don't answer that.

Gordie [to Magnum and Higgins]: I haven't been back a week, and you two are already lying to me.
Thomas: Just like old times, right, Gordie?

You gave up your place in my life a long time ago.

T.C. [to Verna]

The good things in life can come from the most unexpected places.

Cade [to T.C.]

Higgins: Why did you just back me up?
Magnum: Because I always back you up. Besides, you're not just my business partner anymore.

Higgins: Sorry, guys. You're going to have to handle this without me. My client's here.
T.C.: Oh, come on, Higgie. We need those guns.

Rick: I'm not going to miss "Spaghetti Western Wednesdays."
Cade: What's a spaghetti Western?
Juliet: It's a subgenre of American Western movies made in Europe in the '60s. And, for some reason, Magnum is a huge fan.

What part of "You gotta let it go" wasn't clear?

Kumu [to Rick]

Rick: Those two were acting super-weird this morning.
T.C.: Now were they acting weird or were they reacting to you acting weird?

Katsumoto: What are you doing here?
Dennis: This is a little more important than trigonometry, don't you think?

Katsumoto: If the cop thing doesn't work out, maybe I should go be a chef.
Dennis: Let's not get crazy.

Higgins: I could get used to this.
Magnum: Are you talking about me or the coffee?
Higgins: Your coffee, obviously.

Magnum P.I. Quotes

If you want something on the island, Rick is the man to see.


I guess we all go to America.