Flynn: Life can turn around very quickly.
Sharon: Some people adapt to their new circumstances. Some don't.

Judge Grove: Mr. Beck, a word, please?
Rusty: Yes, sir, I mean Your Honor?
Grove: My wife tells me that you changed your major in communications to a minor and that you are now preparing to go to law school. Is that true?
Rusty: Y-yes Your Honor. I felt I could best help the people I wanted to help through telling their stories, traumatized kids, by going into Family Law. [pause] You're smiling.
Grove: Mr. Beck, as a judge -- and you'll learn this in law school -- I have to stay neutral, so I don't often get to say this while wearing these robes.
Rusty: What?
Grove: I told you so. I've also seen many people in your position think that they're going to go into Family Law. Well, time will tell. In the meantime, I'm glad to see you in my courtroom somewhere other than the witness box. Keep it up, Mr. Beck. I'm proud of you.

Provenza: Well, I'm glad you're naming and sharing your sources, Sykes, even if it is at 7 AM. But what the hell is Hickman saying that is so damn important?
Sykes: I think he figured something out about the payphone.
Sharon: Not the phone. The successful businessman.

Provenza: The jury will all love me. How could they not?
Sharon: Amy. What happened to you on the stand was a mistake that could happen to any one of us. And we will all learn from it.

Well, thank you for the umpteemth review of what we already know, but there's nothing new here, guys. It's still the same guy in the same pants with the same slouch.


Hobbs: It doesn't matter that you were cleared, Amy. No matter what he instructs the jury, they won't forget.
Amy: I know. I screwed up. I'm sorry.
Hobbs: Oh well. We'll see what else Linda has up her sleeve.

Your case isn't just thin, it's anorexic. How do you prove a murder for hire without the hitman?


Provenza: You have problems with your stepfather.
Danny: Yeah. He had an affair with my mom while she was still married to my dad. Maybe he didn't have any business telling anyone how to live their lives.
Provenza: Maybe he didn't have any business being alive.
Danny: What?

Judge Grove: I don't need to know about charges I'm trying to process in my own courtroom. And how do you know all of this crap anyway?
Rothman: That information is privileged.
Grove: Your client told you? Failing to disclose that you downloaded an app on your phone to gather evidence is a new one to me. I'd like time to check whether there's any precedent.

Judge Grove: Members of the jury, go to lunch or wherever.
Rusty: What just happened?
Flynn: Linda Rothman made it look like Amy was withholding evidence. Now the entire case could fall apart. That's what happened.

Commander: Winnie Davis is looking at closely at you as she is me. I would hate for Major Crimes to get sidetracked by the classified nature of this crime.
Sharon: Commander, you're as much in the running as me.
Commander: I'm happy where I am.
Sharon: So am I.

Sykes: Do you think that Mrs. Chandler realizes that in accusing her ex, she's building a motive for her teenage son?
Provenza: Maybe she's desperate.
Sharon: Adding a new member to a family is tricky.

Major Crimes Season 5 Episode 16 Quotes

Flynn: You don't know the name of your husband's supervisor?
Mrs. Chandler: No, Tom worked on super secret stuff.

Well, it's just a little miracle, isn't it? Everyone who lives here was away when the murder occurred. Where is the newlywed widow?