Sykes: According to Gabe's mother, he's an angel. Wouldn't hurt a fly.
Provenza: Charles Manson's mother said the same thing.

Sharon: Amanda invited you to stay at her house?
Admiral: Many times. But it was indefensible by land.

I think I feel like one of the dinosaurs, watching the media from afar.


Mr. Pond: Great. Rather than looking for my daughter, let's sit here and chat.
Flynn: Other than the argument you had with Amanda about her boyfriend -
Mr. Pond: Who turned 18, by the way. Last April. So if he's been intimate with my daughter, that's statutory rape.

Yeah, never a big deal when grown men drive teenage girls home.


So as always, when it comes to this part of the town, the police are very late.

Jane Wolf

Patrice: Louie, you look amazing.
Provenza: Well, that's because... I'm amazed.

I'm sorry won't cut it.


We all know. We ALL know.


Everyone's about to know something, Gary. And now I'm leaving you just like you left me, in a place full of cages with nowhere to go.


Rachel took everything from me. My self-respect, my job, my husband. I know you won't believe it, but I loved that son-of-a-bitch. I LOVED him.


No. I'm not talking to her. She goes or I go. Gentlemen, I'm under no obligation here, am I?