Rusty: Hey LIeutenant, what's up?
Provenza: I'm overdosing on weddings, even the happy ones, of which there are too few.
Rusty: That sounds work related.
Provenza: It is. I'll explain. Usually it's not the child molesters or the dead babies. But with the murders, usually there's a reason. But not this time.

Fiancee [crying]: No, no, Will's fine.
Sanchez: Ma'am -
Fiancee: I need you to stop talking. Please stop talking!

Sharon: Um, Buzz, does the victim's fiancee have a Facebook page?
Andy: What are you thinking? That it's always the fiancee?
Sharon: I'm thinking she might be able to help us before she completely falls apart.

Provenza: Sykes, what do we know?
Amy: Victim is WIlliam Sachs, 24. He was apparently a USC law student who was on his way home when he made a wrong turn under someone's car. His last text from was a Cliff saying, "This isn't over. I'm gonna beat you."
Provenza: Maybe we can get this Cliff on two things. Vehicular manslaughter and texting while driving.

Buzz: Well I don't know if it's a major crime, but I can tell you from experience, the car/bike thing is a major problem.
Provenza: You're going to regret selling that Prius. You'll learn that the hard way.

Sykes: How'd it go?
Mark: Great! I won at golf and a judge said that Julio'd be the best guardian ever.
Buzz: Congratulations.
Provenza: You think you've won but you're in it up to your neck, now.
Julio: Don't listen to him. We're gonna be a great family.
Mark: So can I call you Dad now?
Julio: Well technically I'm not your dad.
Mark: But I'm your son, right?
Julio: Technically, you're my ward.
Mark: Why am I your ward? I don't want to be your ward.

Ricky: Okay. So all Andy has to do is prove that he was too emotionally immature to get married to his first wife and they'll grant the annulment.
Rusty: Except for that Mom wants Andy to come up with this idea himself. Why is the church so important to Mom anyway? I mean she goes to Mass a lot, but I don't go to church, do you?
Ricky: I'm an Easter Catholic. Look, it's not about us. It's about Mom. The church was there for her. It was her support system when we were growing up.

Julio: Sir, I want to remind you -
Provenza: Julio, if you remind me about your court appearance one more time, I'm going to arrest you instead of the suspect. Now you will get out in plenty of time to putt-putt your way through the window.

Ricky: Not bad, Andy. Nice work.
Flynn: Well, I couldn't afford to get her a ring as nice as she deserves but I did try,

Woman: The thing about Mary was that she was tough. And grumpy.
Buzz: No wonder you liked her, sir.
Provenza: I just wish I remembered why.

Sharon: Mary's biggest defense was that her captain didn't like a woman in the unit.
Flynn: Well, it was a bit of a boy's club back then.
Sharon: It still is. But I don't know how much of a feminist she really was. When I caught her for fraud she called me a bitch.

Provenza: She was killed with her old badge?
Julio: She kept it up on this cadenza.
Provenza: Kendall, time of death?
Kendall: Between 9 to 11. She was hit three or four times in the head though only one would have done the job.
Provenza: These are uncertain times.