Provenza: Thirty, thirty-five? That could be anyone!
Buzz: Not you.

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I just found some surveillance material in the ladies' room in a very wrong place.


Ricky: OK funny guy, I have one question for ya before you officially become the little brother I never wanted. I'm interested in what your idea of family is, and what the word means to you -- family.
Rusty: I guess it means that the people in your life that you've decided to love no matter what and the people that are going to love you back, no matter what.
Sharon: It sounds pretty good to me, loving each other no matter what.
Ricky: Not bad. OK, little brother. Do you have any questions for me?
Rusty: Yeah. Just one. Who cuts your hair?

Sharon: His impulse was right. It's the way he acted on it that requires a response.
Provenza: Bad impulse control; that's what keeps us all in business.

Provenza: Are you telling me that women were interested in this creep?
Flynn: See? You should never give up.

Flynn: Any idea why his boss was up in the middle of the night on his computer?
Sykes: Why are men ever up late at night on their computers?

On a day like this, the real congratulations belong to my new friend, Rusty Beck, graduating high school with a 3.6. That's much better than I ever did. Congratulations and good luck with the rest of your academic career. But if you need to get a job, Badge of Justice is hiring set PAs any day now.


Man. Look at Mikey. I always knew he was a badass, but whoever knew he could be so smooth?


You're not even an actor. You're a celebrity!


Wow. I never knew that confessions could be so hurtful.


Sykes: He was here all night. How does he look that good?
Flynn: And where did he get a change of clothes?

Flynn: Well, it just goes to show you, looks aren't everything.
Hobbs: They certainly help though. They certainly help.

Major Crimes Season 3 Quotes

Morales: No matter how many ways you look at it, some things never make sense. All I can tell you is they didn't suffer.
Sanchez: How do you know that?
Morales: Carbon monoxide poisoning. They were asphyxiated. Probably went to sleep inside a running car, inside a garage.

Hold on, hold on. We need to finish here first. And you need to keep filming. I want the jury to see this exactly the same way we did. OK Tao, open the other suitcase.