Ryan: Mom! Mom!
Lori: Ryan!
Ryan: Mom! It's Mare! She knows! She's on her way here! She knows! She knows!

Chief: You all right?
Mare: Not really.
Chief: But you're gonna survive?
Mare: [nods]
Chief: Good.

Frank: I don't want something that's, you know.
Fay: Attractive?

I agreed to lie to protect my son, and I would have taken that to the grave if you didn't show up today.


Mare: Ryan, sweetie, is there anything else you want to tell us?
Ryan: Just that I'm sorry. I'm so sorry for everything I did.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm always on your side, even when I act like I'm not.


Billy: That's why you wanted to bring me out here, huh? Make it look like I blew my brains out?
John: It's the only way I could be sure.

Mare: Wherever you go after this, I hope they treat you better than we did.
Deacon Mark: I don't have anywhere to go, Detective. Easttown is my home.

Mare: Did Lori know?
John: I convinced her to lie to you for me, to tell you it was Billy who killed Erin.

Don't open your fucking mouth again, or you're going to end up with your face blown off, just like Erin. Understand?


Mare: We have to give her a chance to be his mother, Frank.
Frank: Since when did you get so philosophical about all this?
Mare: I don't know. Maybe I'm just gettin' old.

I can hold my breath forever, mom!


Mare of Easttown Quotes

Mare: Since when is he a fuckin' cook?
Danny: He just needed a good woman to bring out the best in him. [laughter]

Mare: Did ya get down on one knee? Because you skipped that part when we got engaged.
Frank: Yeah, well, I was 20 Mare. I didn't do a lot of things right.