Molly: Why would our parents do all these horrible things?
Gert: Because they're horrible people.

Chase: Maybe there's an actual explanation. I mean, they have to be doing all this for a reason, right? What if there's a good one?
Molly: A good reason to kill kids.
Nico: Chase, come on.
Chase: I know it doesn't make any sense, but, I don't know. I was with my dad before, and what if we're missing something here?
Alex: Chase, come on. Can you honestly think of a single reason to justify their actions?

Molly: What if the ghosts of all those kids are still in this room watching us right now?
Gert: OK, Molls, no more Ghostbumps for you.

I'm sorry this isn't one of your grass-fed, free-range, sacrifices, but whatever Geoffrey did, just be glad he did it.


Victor: How is it you know all this but you've never gotten above a B- in calculus?
Chase: Calcs boring. I like practical applications.

Please don't say it's going to be OK. My mom is a murderer; all of our parents are murderers!


There's something in here about any church intake files, arrivals, runaways.


Stacey: We're never going to get out. Oh my god.
Gert: What happened?
Stacey: You wouldn't understand.
Gert: Really? Just like I wouldn't understand you were lying about the hedgehog?

Cop: Can I help you?
Alex: I'd like to report a murder? I mean, I wouldn't LIKE to, but...

Robert: He's passed out. He's probably passed out for days.
Victor [smelling him]: He would shit his pants. We can't take that chance.

Chase: Are you going to say sorry to her?
Team Dude: No. I got a broken rib because of that bitch.
Chase: Good thing you got 23 more! [begins a fight]

Now. How hard can it be to find a dinosaur in the Palisades?


Marvel's Runaways Quotes

Geoffrey: Those friends of yours are probably feeling the exact same way you are today.
Alex: Actually, they're doing just fine.
Geoffrey: Or maybe they're better at hiding what's really going on.

Kids that know you when you're young? No one will ever know you like that again. Don't give up on that.