Libby: Here is the beauty of the situation, Bram. It's not up to you whether I stay or go. The days of me organizing my life around a man are over.
Keller: Then I'll organize my life around yours, unless you can stand there and honestly tell me you don't love me.
Libby: I'd say all the evidence points to my loving you.
Keller: Then the defense rests. For the time being only, you go, and do what you need to do. But one day, you will look up from your disgusting tempeh burger, and I will be there... a man who has upended his whole life for you.

I've loved you like a son. We have a relationship of nearly 30 years. But if you pursue this path, use your bully pulpit to advocate for the conversion of homosexuals, I will make it my life's work to see you discredited.


Gentlemen, it's Masters and Johnson. That's who we are.


You confessed the one thing you knew would end our marriage in a room you knew was being taped. Sometimes what we want can surprise even us.


Just us against the world.


Libby: Well, it is hardly my fault that you spent years as an absent father.
Bill: Don't throw that in my face.
Libby: And why shouldn't I? Why should I pay again for your selfishness?

You won't find anything, Virginia, not your property, not even your happy ending.


I do wish you the very best, and I hope that you won't find marriage as the soul-crushing, testicle-shrinking, never-ending abyss of misery that I have.


Well, the happiest occasion on Earth is a wedding. It's the one thing that gives us all hope.


It's not that I even want to leave him. I don't. I just... I need to know that I can. I need to know that there's a door leading out, even if I never go.


Louise: You're asking me to trade one form of punishment for another.
Bill: How do you know it'll be any worse than what you have now?
Louise: I don't. I don't, but at some point you got to make a choice. I choose to stay.

We only feel like ourselves... we only know who we are... when we feel worthless.


Masters of Sex Quotes

I think women often confuse love with physical attraction.


Women fake orgasms, maybe all of em. Although I haven't checked my clipboard lately