Emily: Thank you for meeting me.
EZ: Sure
Emily: Oh, no, I'm okay.
EZ: You're always shivering. You okay? That was rough today.
Emily: It was my fault. Miguel was right. It was a mistake to go to him.
EZ: Seemed pretty urgent.
Emily: That's why I wanted to see you. I know I have no right to ask you this.
EZ: Ask me what?
Emily: I need your help, EZ. I need a favor.
EZ: Okay.
Emily: This Agra Park project that Miguel and I are working on. There's a bidding process that we should've won, but our Chinese competitor, they bribed a clerk in city planning. They got inside information so they edged us out. I need -- fuck, I'm so sorry.
EZ: Just ask me, Em.
Emily: I need this to work, EZ. I need something to work. This project's all I have right now, and this asshole just undermined everything.
EZ: This what you're gonna tell Galindo?
Emily: Yes. That's why its a mistake to go to him. I can't tell Miguel.
EZ: Why? What's he gonna say?
Emily: It's not what he's gonna say. It's what he'll do. I just need to keep the other world out of this.
EZ: And what world am I in?
Emily: Hopefully, mine.
EZ: How'd you find out about the bribe?
Emily: A friend in city planning. She got suspicious. I just need somebody to talk to him. Tell him he has been found out; that we'll call the police. We'll check his phone, his email records. We just give him a chance to tell the truth. No charges. He walks away.
EZ: And if he doesn't?
Emily: Well, he's got to. He's just a clerk, EZ. He's not gonna risk going to jail.
EZ: I'll try.
Emily: It has to be done by tomorrow night.

Marlin: Who is it?
EZ: Ezekiel Reyes. Can I talk to you?
Marlin: EZ Reyes, All valley pitcher. Marlin Buxer. I was a few years behind you. I played freshman ball.
EZ: Oh, right.
Marlin: Heard about that shit. You took a pretty hard left turn, huh?
EZ: Yeah, I guess so. You mind if I come in?
Marlin: Uh yeah, sure. My mom's in Punta Gorda with her friends. Ceramic class. That's where she makes all this tacky shit.
EZ: You live with your mom?
Miguel: I'm in-between places, really. Actually, I'm gonna put down a deposit on a condo next week — some new units off the canal.
EZ: Wow, things are going well for you, Marlin.
Marlin: Yeah, what do you need from me, EZ?
EZ: I just wanted to talk to you. About the Agricultural Park Project.
Marlin: Why? What the fuck does that have to do with you?
EZ: Come on, man. New car, new condo. That didn't happen on a clerk's paycheck.
Marlin: Okay. Um, I think you need to go, man.
EZ: We know the Chinese got to you. Probably made you an offer you couldn't refuse. Maybe they even threatened you. Cops are gonna pull your email and phone records, Marlin. Only one way you don't go to jail. Tell your boss the truth. You throw out the bid; it all stays internal. No one has to know.
Marlin: We know? You said we. Fuck, the next best bid. Galindo; Emily Thomas. Oh, Jesus Christ. You're doing this whole tough-guy biker shit for your old piece of ass. Dude, she is a cartel whore now. Whoa, whoa, whoa, what the fuck, man?
EZ: The only person I'm doing this for is you, Marlin. It's your ass on the line. Now get me your phone and your laptop.
Marlin: No, no, fuck you. You can't make me do that. Why don't you get out of my house?
EZ: Trust me, this isn't gonna go your way. Even a guy living in his mom's basement is smart enough to know that. Give me the tech. I just wanna look at it.
Marlin: Okay.
EZ: Shit.

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Happy: I was in Berdoo yesterday. Told Packer I had some bounty hunter up my ass questioning an old job. Had to pull anything I booked through his charter, make copies.
EZ: He keeps files on that shit?
Happy: Yeah, coded.
Angel: Have to. A lot of pieces of pie to be cut. Keeps us honest.
Happy: This one is the info for your folks.
EZ: Five entries.
Angel: Whats this number mean? WU3459.
EZ: Western union.
Happy: The last four digits. I id'd the branch, Hermosillo. Sonora, Mexico.
EZ: Sonora? Galindo.
Happy: Back then, could've been Lobo Sonora too. There were more players.
Angel: Well, five payments is somebody who's obviously trying to avoid having a big number flagged.
Happy: Most likely.
EZ: This period of time, Galindo Senior was already under the DOJ's thumb. If he wanted to get anything done behind their backs, he'd have to hide it.
Angel: Bury it in household accounts.

Bishop: So big brother, how is he?
EZ: He's fucked up, but not broken. Somethings shifted.
Bishop: Keep him close.
EZ: Absolutely.

Emily: The way you talk about her; it's obvious there's a connection. Is it more than that? Do you love her?
Miguel: What? No, no, no, God no, Em. It's nothing like that. There is no... Look, I went from hating Adelita to understanding her and eventually respecting her. I mean, the things she did. For these past few months watching her singular devotion. I mean, this selfless need to help her people. I mean, it's potent, and it's beautiful. I grew envious. I wanted some of that.
Emily: Mm
Miguel: You're right. I've gone out of my way to be around Adelita, but it wasnt about her. It was about me.
Emily: You know, the things you did in the other world, the conflict that spun inside of you. I was always your touch stone, Miguel. You know, our family, our lives, your business, everything on this side of the border was honest and real. That's the thing you wanted to be around — that's what you thought was beautiful.
Miguel: Oh, I still do, Mi Amor.

Adelita: You don't care about me or my child. Answer the question.
Potter: We're taking you to a federal holding facility. We'll keep you healthy and comfortable until the birth. Then we'll want to know all the things you know. We'll torture you, but that probably won't work so we'll use your child as leverage. I have a theory, a blasphemous one; I dont believe King Soloman was a wise man at all. I think he was a malevolent sadist who just got lucky. A mother's love knows no boundaries, nor can it hide the truth that holds it.

These things that were buried in a box, they're there for a reason. They should have been burned. None of this can help you, or Dita. You have to trust me, Emily. This history? All it will do is hurt the ones you love.


Potter: You put her in a fucking dog cage.
Hobart: We didn't have a cell.

Angel: It's my kid. Adelita. It's my fucking kid. It's my kid.
Bishop: Jesus Christ.
Angel: I'm sorry. We connected that day at the casino. I started doing the relief runs with her; it just happened, man. We didn't want to step on business, so we kept it quiet.
Bishop: Anyone else know it's your kid?
Angel: No, she wouldn't let me tell anyone. You dont want to argue with her.

Angel: Jesus thank God.
Adelita: Angel? What are you doing here?
Angel: What do you mean?
Adelita: You have to go, all of you.
Angel: What are you talking about? We came for you.
Adelita: No, I can't go. This is what needs to happen. Potter thinks I'm the threat. If he has me, he'll stop chasing everything else. Montserrat, Galindo, it all keeps going. Everything we planned.
Angel: Come on, come on.
Adelita: Angel, I need you to keep it going, please. Promise me. We'll be fine.
Angel: Please don't.
Adelita: You have to let me go.

EZ: You know who we are? Nothing?
Happy: I don't need to know who you are.
Angel: Why is that?
Happy: Because when this is over either I'm dead, or you're dead.

Happy: The job came in through Packer.
Angel: San Bernadino?
Happy: Yeah, closest charter to the border.
EZ: It came from Mexico.
Happy: Yeah, that's all I know. Packer might have more details. He's anal about keeping records. But he won't have a name, don't work that way.
EZ: Tell us what happened.
Angel: Tell us.
Happy: I came in the back. Shop was closed, it was just your mom, your old man must have left a few minutes before.
EZ: To make deposits.
Happy: Your mom, she wasn't surprised.
Angel: What do you mean?
Happy: I've killed a lot of people. Some of them, you can feel the inevitability. They know its coming, your mom knew. I heard cars pulling up, I shot her in the neck and ran. After that, I hung out near the border, ready to hear if I should finish the job. Coming from Mexico, I figured it was one of the cartels. That night you chased me; I thought that's who you were, cleanup guy for the cartel. I got spooked. Didn't feel safe riding Nomad anymore. That's when I went to charming, patched into SAMCRO. If someone killed my mom, I'd put a bullet between his eyes.

Mayans M.C. Season 2 Quotes

Potter: Not many butcher shops with a classic literature section.
Felipe: I know who you are.
Potter: Obviously, a meat-eater. Of course, you know who I am. I wouldn't expect anything less from a man with your experience.
Felipe: This about my son?
Potter: Actually, it's about you, Ignacio. And your days as an inspector in División Antidrogas. I have so many questions. I truly hope that Ezekiel gets his eidetic memory from you.

Angel: What are you doing here?
EZ: We have to talk, Angel.
Angel: There's nothing to talk about.
EZ: Yeah, there is.
Angel: What's your sponsor saying? Golden boy didn't get the votes he needs?
EZ: I don't give a fuck about the vote.
Angel: If this is about Pop, man, stay out of it. Its none of your fucking business.
EZ: It's not about Pop. It's about Mom.
Angel: What?
EZ: I know who killed her.