Fiji: What makes you think I won't tell your playthings what you've been up to?
Trickster: Because you stopped giving a damn about these people an hour ago.

You're sleeping with a married woman, and we broke up five minutes ago. I guess I didn't think you were that guy.


Bobo: You're not you anymore.
Fiji: No, honey. I'm more me than I've ever been.

Your life is a dumpster fire.

The Trickster

Manfred: I know Kai is stockpiling supernatural powers. I saw them.
Patience: No. He locks them away for safekeeping. The energy he extracts is like toxic waste. Once he removes it, he can't just throw it away. It's dangerous.

They kicked me out. I thought women were supposed to help each other.


Lem, we work because you're a vampire, and I'm a really messed human.


Well, there goes my happy.


I became a vampire to gain freedom, but it's a prison sometimes.


Sorry, Lem, but no one's going to ruin my Christmas.


You don't need collar or chains when you know how to break down their spirit.


The only person you can depend on is yourself.


Midnight, Texas Quotes

Olivia: Fiji, why aren't you jumping already?
Fiji: That's not what I was thinking. I was admiring his cooking techniques. And don't make that dirty.

Xylda: You'll be safe in Midnight.
Manfred: That would mean a whole lot more coming from someone who wasn't dead.