I spent the last ten years trying to be a decent human being and in two weeks you took me back.

Becca [to Martin]

The agency has very strict guidelines, Becca doesn't.


There are just some lines in life that when you cross them you cannot cross back.


Nobody actually dies from a broken heart, even though they wish they could.


Martin Newman, I can't imagine the portrayal you must feel.

Dax [to Becca]

Espionage 101, if you can't figure out who the leak is, look at who's sleeping next to you.


If they're running together, they know that it's me.


That's the trouble with covert business Michael; it's all built on lies and deceit. One day you look up and suddenly discover a line has been crossed. Something you never intended, but you can never turned back.


Becca go with Paul, when this is over, no more confusion, no more hesitation, you'll come with me.


We all worked for Martin.


She's CIA isn't she, so are you.

Michael [to Martin]

Paul: Rebecca listen to me.
Becca: So you could lie to me some more?

Missing Quotes

She's somebody's daughter. She got killed for talking to me.


The thinner the file, the better the agent.

Agent Miller