Beltane matters.

Alder [to Witch Father]

Tally: It's so easy for you.
Abigail: It hasn't always been.
Tally: I don't believe you.
Abigail: You're right. I'm lying. I was just trying to make you feel better.

Abigail: Mom. What brings you to base?
Petra: Like most things,
Abigail: It's classified.

If my survival depends on Tally getting laid, she needs a different dress.


Abigail: There's no way he's that big.
Tally: Abigail! It's private!

You tried to save [Porter]. That was your first instinct. That's who you are. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Let's put him behind us.

Scylla [to Raelle]

Raelle did not go outside of canon. She's naturally gifted. So don't let me hear her name out of your dirty, fetid mouths again.

Abigail [to gossiping witches]

Alder: Beltane is sacred.
Anacostia: I couldn't agree more.

Anacostia: You could have died.
Raelle: I couldn't stop myself. I'm sorry.
Anacostia: We are all incredibly proud of you. That kind of bravery can't be taught.

Tally: What is it about these two? I love it when they get going. It's like watching opera.
Buttonwood: Try growing up around them. The appeal doesn't last.

Buttonwood: Everyone knows that women are stronger than men.
Tally: You're not wrong although you may be laying it on a little thick.

Abigail: Just go talk to him.
Tally: And say what? "Hi, I'm Tally, complete virgin and hot for any part of you that's available."
Raelle: How about just "Hi."

Motherland: Fort Salem Quotes

President: I need to know about these things.
Alder: There's a lot you don't know.

Tally: I suddenly look weird and not in a good way.
Abigail: Stop fidgeting. You look fine.