Scylla: You have no idea how powerful you are.
Raelle: I don't feel powerful. I feel broken, thanks to you.

Alder: You are the 45th President I have served.
Wade: And no one deserves their retirement more than you.

Alder wants to send you to a prison in the Caribbean.
Scylla. That sounds nice. But I do tend to burn.


I love what you've done with the place. It's very medieval.

Scylla [to Anacostia]

Abigail: How's that going now that he's hitched?
Tally: It's, uh, complicated.

Libba Swythe, you were the stone that sharpened my blade.


Alder: You're alive because of me.
Khalida: Not you, exactly.

This isn't going to go away.


We have a very real enemy in front of us. We don't need an imaginary one.


We were used. And Libba paid the ultimate price.

Tally [to Abigail]