Shut up, Deeks.


Charlie Team, execute, execute, execute!

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Deeks: Whoa, it looks like your house after you clean it.
Kensi: Thanks.

Ambassador Kelly: You have any idea why?
Callen: No, but you might.

They died so I could live - no one could ever repay such a debt.

Ambassador Kelly

Sam: Where the hell'd he go?
Callen: That's why they call him "Spooks"

Don't look at him, look at me.


Deeks: You don't have an appreciation for vintage animation
Kensi: By vintage animation, do you mean old cartoons?

Oh man this is like the world's greatest Lego set!


Most of these guys just pray and spray.


If you got rockets and your intent is to kill the Ambassador, why would you let her go deeper in the building?


Deeks: You got my back?
Kensi: Always.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 6 Episode 13 Quotes

Sam: If anything goes bad, it's better if it's just us.
Kensi: If anything goes wrong, it's better if you have backup!

What about a small footprint? Navy could get us in.