Anna: You have a wonderful team, Kensi.
Kensi: I do. I know.
Anna: Kens, you know I'm not trying ...
Kensi: I have to go to physical therapy, so it won't mess with my workout.

Nell: Now will you give it a rest about my driving?
Deeks: I will concede that we got down here with all of our limbs intact, which is nice. I am getting my head molded to get that custom helmet.

Anna: We are definitely not at a point in our relationship where we feel bound to do a lot of stuff we really don't want to do, just because we feel obligated. Which I'm really not good at doing.
Callen: Maybe I'll surprise you.

Deeks: I feel like I'm more confused after you've explained it.
Nell: It's really not that complicated.
Deeks: No more words. There are some things that Deeks doesn't need to understand.

Kensi: Nate, you can't take this away from me. You can't!
Nate: I just want what's best for you and the team. And unfortunately, it may not be the same thing.
Kensi: Listen to me: I belong here.
Nate: Not yet.

Nell: [Joan of Arc] was my first hero. But I have other sources of inspiration these days. Like Hetty ... and you.
Kensi: I don't know about that one. ... You do know she was burnt at the stake, right?
Nell: Nobody's perfect.

Callen: You and Kens going to light up the neighborhood Griswold-style?
Deeks; I'd like to, but she wasn't really down this year.
Callen: She's been through a lot. You always have next year.
Deeks: I was really looking forward to decking the crap out of those halls.

People who know each other for 50 years are still learning new things about each other. So I think we're going to be OK, my little sugar plum.

Nell [to Eric]

Nell: Quick question: What were you going to do if they hadn't given us the location?
Eric: Run?

Anna: I've been keeping your seat warm.
Kensi: Don't get too cozy. I'll be back soon enough.

Sometimes we make the most out of our time when we have the least.

to Callen}

Deeks: Nell, can you tell Callen to let joy into his life?
Nell: Actually, Christmas trees start over 200 house fires every year.
Deeks: Who hurt you?

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

A friend and an early mentor always used to say, 'A woman is like a teabag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water.'


All this time hunting for the mole, and now it seems as if the mole is headed straight at us.

Hetty [to Kensi]