Veronica: What if I have to use the restroom?
Callen: There's a trapdoor. Try not to fall in. isn't really my scene.

Veronica [to Callen]

Sam: [to Callen]: Like I was saying: Fatal Attraction, baby.

Damn it. Now I'm craving funnel cake.

Deeks [to Kensi]

Sam: Smart. Deceitful. Beautiful. Deadly.
Callen: Sounds like an ideal Tinder date to me.

Nell: Anything else?
Sam: Yeah. Find Hetty.
Nell: No guarantee on that one.

Callen: If I was in charge of Operations, I wouldn't be your partner.
Sam: Talk about a win-win.

Sam: Either way it was shoddy tradecraft.
Veronica: Here I thought we were friends.

Nell: You know how Hetty doesn't give you all the pertinent information.
Callen: All too well.

You know these private talks are difficult for me.

Callen [to Sam]

You don't know who you are without that weight on your shoulders.

Sam [to Callen]

All I need you to do is to be in it with me.

Kensi [to Deeks]

NCIS: Los Angeles Quotes

Deeks: Whoa, it looks like your house after you clean it.
Kensi: Thanks.

I'm feeling hot, because Kensi is on fire.