Callen: We'll ask the questions.
A.J.: By all means.
Bridges: Just don't count on us answering them.

My part was easy. I just showed up, ate the Jell-O and proposed to a girl in a coma.

Deeks [to Kensi]

Nell: I always fancied you as Alan-a-Dale, the wandering minstrel.
Eric: Because I play a mean lute?
Nell: Because you play a mean lute.

All we want to do is make people better. It just shouldn't be so hard.

VA Nurse

That can't be good.

Deeks [to Kensi]

Eric: Have you ever struggled with it?
Sam: I did at first, then the path became clear.
Eric: It must be nice.

I had a little help from the meerkats in Ops. A couple of Dave & Buster's gift cards and they crack like peanut brittle.


Are you familiar with the expression 'Get a life.'

Callen [to Sam]

Deeks: Sometimes you got to ask your WWCD: What would Columbo do?

You guys got some wicked moves out there. Was that the Lambada?

to Perez and Kensi}

Callen: You put a message out there and everyone can hear it.
Hetty: But not understand it.

Deeks: You need a better lawyer.
Victor: I'm my own lawyer.
Deeks: Like I said, you need a better lawyer.