Callen: What are you doing here?
Deeks: I thought you could use a sandwich.

Apparently, Communist ideology is no match for a Niemann shoe sale.

Callen [to Carlson]

Carlson: You don't know where your girlfriend is?
Callen: I'm beginning to think we're broken up.

It's like the Kremlin is your family.

Carlson [to Callen]

Oleg: I'm not traitor.
Callen: Of course you're not. I appreciate that.

Let me know what you find out. I might be getting paranoid.

Callen [to Fatima]

Sam: What's this I hear about a boyfriend?
Kam: Hmmm.

At least you didn't kill him.

Callen [to Sam]

I'm 83 years old. Every day is a dance with death.

Keller [to Fatima]

Fatima: Why didn't she tell Sam about her car?
Eric: Because he would have made her get a tank.

I knew something would go wrong without [Kam's] momma around.

Sam [to Roundtree]

Roundtree: Are you sure you want to do this?
Sam: I need to do this.