Max: Sorry, you know you're not my doctor anymore right.
Helen: Yes, but I'm still a friend.

Angelo: Marie didn't have any family. She'd want you to get this.
Leon: Why would you do that for me?
Angelo: We take care of our own.

Angelo: She shouldn't have gone down like that. She shouldn't have done it.
Max: I know.
Angelo: No, you don't.

Jemma: When I see you I still feel like I'm the same, that I'm still broken. I don't want to be that anymore.
Iggy: You know Jemma I am so, I am so proud of you. You've come so far. Look at you now. You don't need me anymore. That's a good thing. That's a very good thing. It's time for me to go, and that's alright. Just try to remember one thing for me, you were never broken.

I thought I was missing something but really I'm missing what I had. I loved hearing Tori's voice, but I heard you better when I couldn't hear your voice at all.


Either we save Leon and hurt the care of other veterans, or we stand up for the care of all veterans and Leon dies.


You deserve better than this.


She wants to be deaf again.


Iggy: Why do you want the implant?
Margot: So I can hear.
Iggy: OK, that's what the implant does. Why do you want the implant?
Margot: I want it [signs at wife]

Have some compassion.


He has to pay.


Virginia: Max. I'm starting a feeding tube to mitigate that.
Max: Put me in, coach.