Jackie: I did a bad thing and I need your help.
O'Hara: ... well done. And shame on you.

Coop: We have the same favorite book.
Eddie: I hate to kill the vibe. But lots of people like The Kite Runner.

Zoey: You have a crush on Jackie!
Lenny: She just scares me a little. Okay, a lot.

If you go into cardiac arrest, I will kill you.

Zoey [to Lenny]

Coop: Dudeville, population three: booya!

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You broke my heart, Jackie.


Zoey: At this very moment, I have no desire to stab you in the neck.
Lenny: Cool!

Thor: You get to stand there and look pretty.
Coop: I can do that.

It would be too much pressure to date God.


Akalitus: I know Michelle Obama.
Father: Excuse Me?
Akalitus: You heard me.

If you want company I'm totes avail. Totally available.


Jackie is married, you stupid fucking goat.

Eddie [to Coop]