I made it...oh my...I fu-king made it!

Don't say his name, it's not yours to say.


Coop: Am I being traded in?
O'Hara: Not at all.

You want it? You gotta work for it.


Eddie: What about this? Is this a nightie?
Jackie: That's a ball gown.
Eddie: It's comfortable.
Jackie: Grab it!

Sorry Sister, you're fired.

Number one, contractions in the eight month, totally normal just stay off your feet. Number two, if I go out and get loaded he wins, not gonna happen.

Take a look around Mike, I'm still in charge.

Cruz: You authorize these nurses?
Coop: Ah I'm not authorized to authorize unless I am and I didn't know.

Holy sh-t! Someone just thanked me.


You're in my world now and in my world, there's prizes.


Gloria what do you say we show them how we used to do this?