Jamal: We thought that maybe Oscar sent those notes but it was you, why? Spill it or I'll spill it.
Abuelita: Okay it was me.
Jamal: Why?
Abuelita: I had to. I've known you all since you were little traviesos. I saw you grow up together, love each other, then you stopped talking. So, I thought if I created a mystery you would start talking again.

Jamal: Chivo! You weirdo creeper. Where you at?
Chivo: I'm not a weirdo, I'm a Gemini.

Jasmine: So should I do dicks or chicks?
Monse: For Prom?
Jasmine: No, for dorms! Should I do single-sex or co-ed dorms?
Monse: Wait, you are seriously asking me this question?
Jasmine: You're right, you're right. Dicks. It's always dicks.
Monse: See, there's my girl!

Lupe: La primera to get into college. I'm so proud of you.
Jasmine: Tia, what's wrong?
Lupe: Beto and his husband are moving to Dallas. He got a huge job.
Jasmine: Oh no, we're all leaving you. I'm so sorry but itll be okay we'll all be back. I promise.
Lupe: Mija Beto's not coming back.
Jasmine: Of course he is, you're his mom.
Lupe: He's not coming back because I'm going with him. I'm going to Dallas.
Jasmine: But who's going to take care of dad?

Abuelita: I'm sorry my note scared you. Am I still your favorite abuelita?
Jamal: Hmm. Yes. Always. And my other two are dead.

Jamal: Do you ever think about who you used to be? Like maybe you veered off a better path by making bad choices?
Charlize: Regrets are for pussies.

Asshole! WIth rims to match!


Presidencies have terms. Kings rule for ever. Long live the Jamonarchy!


Ruby: Then there's Corrina, who's adorable, but looks like me in a wig. And while initially I was attracted to that, I realize I don't think I'm my tape. And Lola, Lola's perfect except she blinks.
Cesar: When did you become so superficial?
Ruby: When it became about the pic. You gotta eliminate the blinkers! You get one shot at a chance of a photo that represents the best we're ever gonna look, and if she blinks, it's ruined. I want a blinger, not a blinker.

Cesar: I can't stop thinking, even if I do graduate, he's not here to see it.
Monse: Well, you're not doing this for him or anyone else, you're doing this for you.
Cesar: And Lydia.
Monse: Yeah, who's going to be here any day.
Cesar: Actually this morning. Meet Lydia Diaz.

Monse: You're graduating? I knew it!
Cesar: You did. From day one you always knew my life would be more. Now it is. I mean I haven't felt this excited about life in like ever.
Monse: Well seeing you happy makes me happy.
Cesar: You okay?
Your heart's racing.
Monse: Yeah. I am nervous.
Cesar: Why?
Monse: Because of what I'm thinking.
Cesar: What are you thinking?

Spooky Gnomie is not going to live with me! I don't wanna get a ghost!