It's Oscar. If anyone can handle it, it's him. I'm not worried. 


Spooky, don't start without me.


Vic: You're killing the vibe here.
Jamal: I am the vibe.

For a long time, I didn't think I had a choice. But after shit didn't add up about Ray, I started asking around. Found out what really happened between him and the Santos. They turned on him. She turned on him for no reason. Our family ain't sacrificing for her no more.


Monse: Are you sure? We're talking about taking a life here.
Oscar: Or yours. Mines. Everyone's.
Monse: And yet you work for her.
Oscar: Worked. Past tense. She's out of control. She's never been this bad before, and it's all for nothing. putting you kids in the middle of her crazy vendetta? Shit must stop. She doesn't give a damn. She doesn't give a shit about no one. Even those most loyal to her. Like our dad. She made him take the fall back in the day, but her time is up. She's going to a meeting she ain't walking out of.

Jamal: We're disposable.
Monse: What are you saying?
Jamal: We're not going to find Lil' Ricky, and even if we do, she's just going to kill him, and then she's going to kill us. Either way, we're already dead.
Jasmine: Oh my God! She's going go kill us!
Cesar: Unless we kill her first.

Just remember this. You can't trust Stacey. She'll do anything she wants just because she can.


Jasmine: But Cuchillos loves him. She just wants to reconnect.
Rose: Reconnect? She wants to kill him. Why in the hell you think he skipped town in the first place?

Ruby: Shit! Am I a womanizer? I barely had a woman to nize!
Cesar: No, but you're being way more a sexist cliche by not talking to her.

Ruby: I think I'm in love with Jasmine.
Cesar: Seriously?
Ruby: That's the question. Am I into her or do I want to get in her?

Where's my bull, bitch?


Never underestimate the "I don't give a shititude" of part-time security guards. 


On My Block Quotes

Your name is Spooky, and you're afraid of ghosts?! 


You know the worst part about growing up without a father? It's having to be a father to a brother without ever being a son.