She made her bed and now it appears she died in it.


Real love. True love, cannot be destroyed. That is why you, Jafar will never win.


The love that Cyrus and I have is stronger than any magic.


Alice: Fight fire with fire.
Amara: All that does is ensure everyone gets burned.

Jafar: I'm going to guess you don't have a very high opinion of me.
Will: It'd be hard to have a lower one.

This is great. Now we have matching blood stains on the carpet.

White Rabbit

Jabberwocky: You're afraid of nothing.
Jafar: And that is what ultimate power is.

Amara and I are now the two most powerful sorcerers in the world. There's just one problem. I've never been good at sharing.


Jafar: You were safer when you were in the stick.
Amara: As were you.

Forgive us if your freedom is neither a concern nor a priority.


Just because I'm not ordered to kill you anymore doesn't mean I can't.


Alice: You're quite clumsy for a soldier.
Knave: And you're a little young to be a murderer.