I do want to live again with you. It's always been you. I should have come to the lake house. Let me make the right choice this time

Maybe you'll be able to hand it down to your kid one day.

Joe's dad

it took me two months to ask for help. I had to want to live and have to want that too, Joe.


Joe's dad: Driving drunk, cheating on Amy. This isn't the Joe I know.
Joe: I don't know what happened.
Joe's dad: Life threw you off track and into a tree

Joe: I always knew you had bigger dreams than me.
Jenny: No, they all included you. What I was going to say back then was wait for me.

I want to get to know him, Jenny. He’s my son.

You know what, kid? I love you. I do and I promised my brother that we’d always look out for each other’s family. I can’t work for you anymore.


Amy: At this point, I feel like I’m choosing my miracle over my marriage. I just didn’t think I’d be doing this alone.
Eric: For the record, you’re not alone. You have a village and that includes me.

When you let her go, it shattered her. I was there to pick up the pieces. The way I saw it we were already a family.


Joe: Just for the record, I would've been there.
Jenny: You’re here now.

Frank: You can start by calling your wife back now that we’re back in New York, instead of whatever this is.
Dionne: This is named Dionne, thank you.
Frank: Well no offense Dionne, you’re not going to be around when I have to pick up the pieces.

Kokoro: There are 100 people that work on this tour. Just because your name is on the marquee doesn’t mean you’re the only one who matters.
Joe: Actually, it’s exactly what it means.

Ordinary Joe Quotes

Jenny: Joe, when you get home tomorrow, can we talk?
Joe: Sure Jenny, what about?
Jenny: It's kind of an in-person thing.

Eric: Please tell me you're going to the beach with Jenny Banks.
Joe: It’s complicated.
Eric: No, it’s simple. You both have been doing this back and forth dance since college.