Gwen: This is about my son.
Professor: So your boy has dreams of playing Lincoln Center one day?
Gwen: He can’t become a cop. I can’t lose another one. Can you get him in for an audition?

I wish Christmas break was longer.


Gwen: Okay, you’re avoiding. Classic Kimbreau move. Trust me, I’m an expert.
Joe: Mom, it’s my marriage, my mess. I got it.

Will you help our son?


Kinsley: Note to self. Steer clear of Grandpa,
Joe: Grandpa’s fine.

Joe: How do know when things are getting really serious?
Celeste: When you have to ask someone if they’re getting really serious.

Amy: Are we broken?
Joe: I don’t know Amy, maybe we are.

I know I hurt you, Joe. I am so sorry. It was a one-time mistake. Joe, I love you so much.


This is what I’ve learned in the sum total of therapy that you paid for…you have to talk about it.


I can’t be in the middle. You know I love both of you so much. Have you talked to her?


Joe: I can help you. I will help you. I will take you to rehab. As someone who loves you, it is so hard…
Uncle Frank: Shut the hell up Joe! You don’t know what you’re talking about.

I already buried my dad. I will not bury you next to him.

Ordinary Joe Quotes

Jenny: Joe, when you get home tomorrow, can we talk?
Joe: Sure Jenny, what about?
Jenny: It's kind of an in-person thing.

Eric: Please tell me you're going to the beach with Jenny Banks.
Joe: It’s complicated.
Eric: No, it’s simple. You both have been doing this back and forth dance since college.