Sidney: I promised you answers. My kind, we find out way into your world every day. We can't stay where we're from, so we come here.
Kyle: Where are you from?
Sidney: Same place you are.
Kyle: What?
Sidney: That's why we've been around you your whole life. But, you're going to stay right where you are, where I can keep an eye on you, 'til I need you.

I love old American cars. They used to call this a three-body trunk.


Reverend Anderson: Kyle, wait. This is about more than us. He is a false prophet. If we don't stop him, the devil will reign for a thousand years.
Kyle: You really believe that? That that man is the devil and you have to stop him? No matter what?
Reverend Anderson: Yes, I do.

Kyle: You've been doing this a lot longer than I have.
Rev. Anderson: I thought we determine I've been doing shit.

Sidney: What do you think I'm here for?
Aaron: Must be big, considering what I'm guessing you did to get this house, and what you did to Anderson, and if it fucks this town right in the ass, then you can count me in.

The law will see it however you want to see it.

Reverend Anderson

Something wonderful is coming, sweetheart, and this is our part we've been chosen to play.


I warned you once about messing with my friends. Don't make me show you just how little patience I really have.


Sidney: I think you have the wrong impression of me, Reverend. I'm not some kind of monster.
Rev. Anderson: What are you?
Sidney: Why, just a man trying to live as righteous a life as I can.

Do you have any idea what you've done inviting a devil into God's house?

Rev. Anderson

Amber: You're lying.
Kyle: Why do you say that?
Amber: 'Cause that's what grownups do.

Getting rid of one of 'em won't mean shit when it's all said and done.


Outcast Quotes

Your mother was sick, and some people in this backwards town are crazy.


Kyle: Do your 12-year-old students notice your condescending tone, or is that just me?
Megan: Pretty much just you.