You're lucky I need a shit.


Ward: John B left. I gave him the cross.
Sarah: He took the cross in exchange for me?

Kie: Are you OK?
JJ: 'Sup?

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If you're lying, I'll kill you!


You need to keep my son safe.

Big John B

You aren't one of us.


The accounts are missing.


Rafe: Sarah, hey, wait, Sarah. wait. wait. wait. slow down.
(Rafe touches Sarah. She goes after him.)
Sarah: You touch me one more freaking time.
Rafe: We can't keep ignoring each other. Dad wanted us to talk.
Sarah: When I tell you you are the last person I want to talk to, I mean it, Rafe.

Kie: Are you okay?
John B: It's not me I'm worried about.

Sucks for Sarah.


Pope: I found it in Meemaw's apartment above the pharmacy.
Pope's Dad: Shit, boy you should've gave this to me. I wouldn't have had to take a beating.

We should have pulled a warrant for Ward. He could be an accessory in this and we both know Gavin's missing and he's a flight risk.