You're a woman like no other, Sassenach. But don't forget, you're still a woman.


Claire: As I was saying, fine lace is of little use to me out in the back country.
Wiley: And as I was saying, if you knew the right people, you wouldn't be languishing in the back country. You would be enjoying the finer things in life. I can procure you whatever you wish, whatever your heart desires. I know an Irish seafaring fellow who does business in the port of Wilmington.
Claire: You mean a smuggler?

If you're going take this, then you might as well take both of them.


Jamie: Believe of me what you will, but Murtagh Fitzgibbons Fraser is a good man.
Lieutenant Knox: As God is my witness, I will do what must be done. Damned if I'll be in league with a traitor!
Jamie: I'm no traitor. I've cheated death in the duty of other men's ambitions. I've got the scars to prove it. And I've done so without complaint, but I will not stand by and watch my kin hunted like a dog for protecting those who can't protect themselves.

I'm not going to ask you to explain why you didn't tell me because it doesn't matter. He doesn't matter.


Roger: Did you not play the ace of hearts in your last hand?
Bonnet: You're mistaken.
Roger: It must have been the ace of diamonds.

Brianna: Because, because I told him that Jemmy was his. I thought that he was going to die, and I thought that it would be of comfort to him to know there'd be something of his left in this world. Roger, I am so sorry. I am so sorry. I didn't know if you were coming back, and I was scared, and I was grieving for you. They are just words. Words that you need never to hear.
Roger: Words have consequences. All these months since I've been back. At the wedding. The blood oath. You were sure the child was Bonnet's.
Brianna: Roger, how could I ever know for sure that Jemmy is his?
Roger: You told him so. You've never said as much to me.
Brianna: I didn't think I needed to.
Roger: Brianna, what do you truly believe? In your heart, what do you truly believe?

Claire: He reminded me of someone. Someone I lost.
Priest: No one's lost who is not forgotten.
Claire: Perhaps I just needed to be reminded of that.

Jamie: What would you do when the whiskey ran out?
Roger: I was hoping that you would arrive before that happened, and you did.

Jamie: I have no life but you, Claire, but if you wanted another child, I thought that perhaps I might give you one, one that you wouldn't have to suffer carrying.
Claire: Please know that if it's at all possible, I love you even more for wanting to take the chance. I also regret that we were never parents together. Regret isn't reason enough. I love our life. I love our home together. Would we even be the best home for her? And there's our obituary. I am grateful for every day we have.

Roger: I avoided confrontation. I kept the peace.
Jamie: You ken the meaning of the word Captain, Captain MacKenzie? Is that one you can explain to me? Your men left because you betrayed their trust. Those are men who won't have much faith left. They swore to follow us into battle, to risk their lives. As Captain, you must honor their loyalty above all else.

Marsali: He died in prison. I killed him.
Brianna: You didn't kill him.
Marsali: You see, thinking, no matter how hard you long doesn't make something come true.

Outlander Quotes

Sex was our bridge back to one another. The one place where we always met. Whatever obstacles presented themselves during the day or night, we could seek out and find each other again in bed. As long as we had that, I had faith that everything would work out.

Claire voiceover about Frank

She asked forgiveness and I gave it, but the truth is I'd forgiven everything she'd done and everything she could do long before that day. For me, that was no choice, that was falling in love.