Dean: Goodbye 1963!
Maggie: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
Laura: I loved every minute of it.
Colette: I love us.
Kate: And us, I love us!

Kate: When did that happen? Isn't someone engaged?
Maggie: To Amanda. She kissed me. On the mouth. It wasn't half bad.

A toast! To Pan Am, for bringing us all together.


Maggie: Surprise is a great negotiator. Isn't it beautiful?
Broyles: Even more so with you on top of it.

I'm beginning to believe that love is the fantasy. One day there, the next day gone.


Laura: And this one is my favorite.
Ted: I look like a goof ball!
Laura: I like the man in that picture.

Colette: I feel like I'm floating on air.
Maggie: We all are. We're at 30,000 feet.

There's something to be said for practicality, but being a modern woman isn't about losing your virginity.


You have an innocent face Collete. Has anyone ever told you that?


Dean: Why are the crazy girls always the most fun?
Ted: Ahhh. They're all crazy. All you can do is choose a degree on the crazy-o-meter.

Keep an eye on this one, he's a scamp.


Laura: The girls that do this, who are they?
Graham: Friends, models. And they're not girls. They're women.

Pan Am Quotes

Tower: Clipper 22, Tower. Your special delivery just arrived, Sir.
Dean: Thanks Tower. That's our girl!

Thanks, Ted, but Pan Am wants actual pilots in the left seat.