Alessandro: Are you a friend to the ambassador?
Kate: I'm a Pan Am stewardess. We're friends to the world.

On one condition. This is not a loan. It's an investment in friendship.


Amanda: Which glass?
Ted: Whichever holds more booze.

Just because I can see my future and you've never been able to see your own doesn't mean you can start a rumor...


Richard: In other words, seduce them.
Kate: In other words, put some Pan Am into it?

Amanda: Men are idiots.
Maggie: I know. Sometimes I think women are just...better.

I didn't realize having principles made me simple. Thank you for the education.


The writing in the Village is actually quite nuanced.


I'm not taking any chances. You two go up and pack up Bridget and Laura's things. I'm not going to risk them planting anything in their bags.


Our every move will be watched, literally, by the Russians. So be careful about what you say, about what you do and who you choose to talk to. That said, this is an historic flight. The opportunity to trail blaze not only for Pan Am but an ongoing relationship with the Soviets.


I'm still afraid of what Bridget's return means for you and me. But for the first time in my life, I'm not going to let my fear get the better of me. I want to be with you, as terrifying as that is.


Six months ago I was a courier, and now you want me to pull this girl out of Russia?


Pan Am Quotes

Tower: Clipper 22, Tower. Your special delivery just arrived, Sir.
Dean: Thanks Tower. That's our girl!

Thanks, Ted, but Pan Am wants actual pilots in the left seat.