So everything, everything I didn't understand is because you were a spy and I was in the dark.
Bridget. Not everything. Women are a conundrum, even when they aren't spies.


I thought you'd be gone. And by thought I mean hoped.


Dean: There is nothing to talk about. It's you and me Colette. Nothing has changed. That's all that matters. You hear me?
Colette: I hear you.

Colette: I hear they are very popular.
Dean: They have girl hair.
Colette: That doesn't seem to bother their fans.

Laura: I have to photo one beautiful face and unusual one.
Ted: Who's the other subject?
Laura: Maggie.
Ted: Oh. Good. For a second there, I thought I was the weirdo one.

I heard you can strangle Republicans with them so I thought I should invest in a pair.


Colette: You don't need to say this. You saved us.
Dean: I think you saved me.
Colette: Does this mean I earned my wings?
Dean: Not yet.

Now I'm funny with shoulders, apparently.


You meet important people in your job. When was the last time you talked to them. Really talked to them?


Let's move faster ladies. This place is crawling with lobby lizards.


Colette: I cannot believe we are hooking.
Dean: You mean playing hookey. What you said is something else entirely.

Colette: Is this how it works? You kiss a girl once and you become her chauffeur?
Dean: You kissed me.

Pan Am Quotes

Tower: Clipper 22, Tower. Your special delivery just arrived, Sir.
Dean: Thanks Tower. That's our girl!

Thanks, Ted, but Pan Am wants actual pilots in the left seat.