I'm in the navy Mam, rum is the remedy for everything.


Laura: Well, Dean does seem awfully fond of you.
Colette: Not that fond.

I think the most important part for a Pan Am stewardess is that she be good company for the journey and a fast friend.


Nico: Here, in America, there is hope.
Kate: You don't have hope for Yugoslavia?

Henson: All that authority crap. I would have put a gun in my mouth.
Colette: And yet, you are authority.

We didn't steal them. If we hadn't bought them, somebody else would have. Don't look guilty!


Stick with me kid, I know the lay of the land.


Kate: Keeping that, are you?
Nico: For a special girl back home.
Kate: You say that because you know how competitive I am.

Ted: Half a million copies sold. And to who? Women. And understanding women is the best way to get women.
Dean: You understand women?
Ted: Oh, less than ever. But as least now it sounds like I do.

A guy's gotta pick the right time to give a girl a ring. Wow, that could have been the worst thing I could have said right now.


Nothing worse than a bad kisser.


Ted: Second rule of the subway, never wake anybody up.
Laura: What's the first rule?
Ted: Take a cab.

Pan Am Quotes

Tower: Clipper 22, Tower. Your special delivery just arrived, Sir.
Dean: Thanks Tower. That's our girl!

Thanks, Ted, but Pan Am wants actual pilots in the left seat.