I need to speak to The Ancients. They may understand the path but they certainly do not understand the obstacles.


Jax: Are you one of The Ancients?
Motel Man: Never ask someone this old about their age. Don't they teach you anything at that school of yours?

Osborn: Without navigation, and at the speeds you'll be going, if you don't decelerate in time, you will pancake on the surface.
Jax: Any other words of encouragement, Uncle?

No one is ever truly ready to meet their destiny.


Xander: So what do you think?
Jax: Well, I think you know what I think. I just hope you have a plan.
Xander: The plan might cost me my career. But if the universe gets destroyed, then who needs a career anyway?

Xander: Your doppelganger was wrong, Jax. When we see something that's broken, then we fix it. That's what makes us human.
Jax: No, Xander. Not everything that is broken can be fixed.

Zazie: That's what you were doing in Professor Shral's office? Cleaning it.
Jett: Yeah.
Zazie: My god, that is so great! That's so great!
Jett: What's great about it?
Zazie: I thought you were a thief and a liar and a cheat.
Jett: K, maybe you missed what I said. I'm a JANITOR.
Zazie: So what? It's honest, hard work. I know what you're going through. SCREW these rich, privileged kids. You and I, we got to stick together. Come on, let's JET to class.
Jett: JET to class? Really?

Councilor: Surely, you can appreciate -- being so young and beautiful yourselves -- the superiority of youth. Your strength, vigor, stamina, in all number of things. Eventually, your mind and body will decay.
Ralen: But, with age, comes wisdom.
Councilor: An axiom invented by an old, human male.

Ralen: Are you sure that's wise?
Jax: I don't know if it's wise but it's what I'm going to do.

Councilor: Our world is yours to enjoy. Here, we believe in a life full of fun, relaxation, and total pleasure.
Xander: Cheers to that.

Doctor: It appears to be some kind of anti-matter weapon, able to completely consume solid matter within minutes.
Fried: And what does my daughter, Tierney, possibly want with it?
Doctor: I couldn't say.
Fried: Well, who could have created such a thing?
Doctor: I couldn't say.
Fried: You know absolutely nothing. Why on earth do I even keep you in my employ?
Doctor: I... couldn't say?

Admiral: Welcome aboard, Captain. How are you feeling?
Xander: I'm just happy to have a pulse, Admiral.

Pandora Quotes

Ah, Jax. Once again, you appear with the tedious inevitability of an unloved relative.


Tierney: You're not the trusting type, are you?
The Courier: Would you be?
Tierney: Touché