This church can no longer afford to teeter on the whims of hysterical women.


Perry: So, Virg. There's something I want to show ya.
Virgil: Is it, um, pornography?
Perry: No.
Virgil: It's just, you guys tell me all these stories about clandestine meetings, and tailing dames, and cheating wives.
Pete: I could go get some if you want, Virg.
Virgil: Pale formaldehyde, dead, putrid bodies and the monotony of existence does a number on a man's virility.

George Gannon did not kill himself. There was a fourth man.

A boxful of snakes from our own people. You have to let me protect you. Let me take care of you.


Sometimes I think this is no longer my world.


Matthew: You really think Emily was a part of it?
Herman: She laid with the man who killed your son. You heard her say guilty. Consider the cold light, Matthew.
Matthew: I came home mean sometimes. Maybe that's why she went with that guy.
Herman: It's in our blood. We have a weakness for degenerate femininity.
Matthew: My mother is not a degenerate. While you were here, living it up, my mother and me? We did with nothing. It's not easy. What we've been doing here. It's not easy, this deal.
Herman: It was cowardly of me. It was not Christian, and I would like to atone for that.

You're all in big, fucking trouble.


If she's feeling guilty, it's because every man around her is saying she is.


There are a lot of Georges in the world, and a lot of women like you and me.

Sister Alice

Drake: Private white folk mostly avoid this neighborhood. I haven't seen more than one chalky fella in a cheap-ass suit lyin' in the gutter with his throat cut.
Perry: Well, fortunately, you're here to make sure that doesn't happen.
Drake: Mister, you only think you see me.

Nina: The crime scene report you wanted.
Police Chief: It's for this asshole.
Perry: I like your nails.
Nina: I like 'em too.
Police Chief: Nails? What are you? A fag?

[talking to a reporter] A whore? No, I wouldn't say that. Have you ever heard of a whore who killed her own baby? This is much worse than that.


Perry Mason Quotes

I'd have said it was over when the talkies came, but clearly, the man still has a lot to offer the world.


That's your problem; you get no fun out of life.